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About Me

“Writing is the profession of angels, the other face of love, the language of thinkers, and the icon of researchers.

” good greeting:

Writer of scientific and cultural content with more than seven years of experience, editor in the Jordanian magazine Horizons Hurra, holder of cultural and literary certificates from the Ammon Theater, the Arab Forum, the Literary House and many cultural centers, I have various certificates in grammar and creative writing, holder of a course on writing articles from the website The famous Coursera, who holds a certificate in content writing from the Jordanian Education for Employment Organization, has worked as a freelancer on more than one Arabic and foreign site. Service features:

1_ Writing in both Arabic and English on demand

2_Write all kinds of articles in all cultural, creative and scientific fields in a professional manner.

3_ Write all business correspondence and e-mail

4_Professional printing and unloading of research papers on Microsoft (word) (PowerPoint) files.

5_ The articles are completely free of spelling, grammatical and grammatical errors.

6_ Articles are compatible with keywords for search engines SEO.

7_ The articles are from the womb of my thoughts and are 100% exclusive, not copied and not transferred; Because I am a keen reader of books.

8_ References are documented according to your choice and request

9. The article will be delivered in the format you want PDF, Microsoft Word

You will ask yourself why would you choose me?! Here is the answer: Because my services have a lot of skills, including: 1. Speed ​​in performance

2. Distinctive and elegant style

3. Maintaining work privacy

4. Commitment to delivery times

5. Tell the information in an attractive way 6. Dealing with computer programs professionally

7. Reaching a price that suits both parties in case the required number of words is exceeded And you have a gift from me to edit 3 times after delivering the final version.

Please see my gallery of work, I’m honored to have you.

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