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About Me

Marketing is an art and my golden goal .. and not just the goal of profit and making money .. An Internet marketer seeks to achieve the desired results and goals and his vision of return in exchange for achieving the goal set for him ….
I am Mayas, a specialist in the field of marketing, I have experience and a certified certificate in the field of marketing and I provide many marketing services from:
* Marketing management for your project’s social media pages (google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, snapchat ads, twitter ads,)
* An effective marketing strategy
* Design special logos for your project with the hands of an expert designer
* Professional montage design for all your project
The strategy will be highly effective with appropriate time and targeting
Editing of your project will be professional to attract customers or targets, as well as a successful management in managing social networking pages for your project, such as adding publications, designing advertisements and brochures, and answering questions from customers or target groups


Economics and Administrative Sciences 2019

Zarqa University



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