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Irbid - Southern Aria - Near the legal curt

About Me

Are you looking for a professional data entry provider capable of dealing with all types of data, analyzing, and organizing them professionally and away from complexity? I am confident that my experience and skills are an excellent match for this position. As a Data Entry Specialist I can confidently guarantee you: – Complete accuracy in processing and entry various data – Prime care for details – The priority of Keeping the confidentiality of your data and information – Strict commitment of deadlines for delivering and service level agreements. As a dependable and resourceful person with a strong sense of urgency and self-motivation, I am convinced that I can make a valuable contribution to the productivity of your company. My services include processing of words and numbers using (MS Word) • Creation and processing of spreadsheets using (MS Excel) • processing and organization of databases using (MS Access) • analysis and auditing data and create final reports for all entered data using (SPSS) • Making forms for data entry using (Google forms) • Dealing with images edit process and Extract the numbers and words from it using (Adobe Reader advanced tools)


Al-Baa'th University - College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 2011

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

I graduated in 2011, with a grade of 71.09 %

Work & Experience

Nasim Ibra Company for Trading and Contracting - Sultanate of Oman - Muscat - Al-Khwair. 03/01/2018 - 05/01/2019

Maintenance Engineer

I was doing inspection tours of the company's works sites, most of which were for government ministries. I selected the appropriate supervisors and workers for each site and I managed their performance and the problems they faced, as I was supplying the equipment required for each site. I also was responsible for paying the invoices due to each contractor.

Al-DAR Company for Electrical Industries (RAMCO) – Jordan - Irbid- Al-Hassan Industrial City. 05/01/2016 - 10/01/2017


I supervised the production line and testing of the water coolers’ quality (Test Room and Coolers Maintenance). I am able to repair any damage in the water cooler, whether electrical damages (buttons, switches, electrical contact, display, heat, and cold sensors. etc.)or mechanical damages (decrease or increase in the amount of refrigerant gas, leaking or infarction in an element of the cooling circuit, damaged compressor, unwell welded parts. etc..).

NasimIbra Company for Trading and Contracting - Sultanate of Oman - Ibra - Al-Alayah 12/01/2014 - 12/01/2015

Head of Maintenance and Site Engineer

I was head of Maintenance for three months and I also worked as a site engineer within (Bid Bid – Sour) road project for (Larsen & Toubro) International Company as a sub-contractor.

Ammar Jordan Company - for Food Industries - Jordan - Irbid - Al Hassan Industrial City 03/01/2014 - 12/01/2014


I supervised the installation of machinery and equipment for all motor pumps and tanks of chocolate and chocolate molding line as well as rewinding machines and packaging. I also undertook the maintenance of old gear pumps and rehabilitated them for service.

Al Majal Company for electromechanical business - Jordan – Amman – Khalda 09/01/2012 - 10/01/2013

Site Supervisor

I studied drawings, charts, and calculated quantities and drawing, shop drawings using AutoCAD, I supervised the installation of water supply lines and the compressed air full materials within sections (Rodes) Company for prefabricated reinforced concrete, also upon completion studying design drawings and supervision of the team, I was drawing executive drawings of the lines mentioned and I was handing out to project management.


MS Word
MS Excel
MS Access
MS PowerPoint
Google forms
PDF convert (Convert PDF elements to any document type or vice versa)
Web design
Web Search



Certificate of Completion (Level B2-English Language Course )

“JESUIT REFUGEE SERVICE” in cooperation with Georgetown University – Dec 10, 2020

Certificate of Completion (Web Design and Development Course)

“Royal Scientific Society” in cooperation with GIZ – Nov 17, 2020

Certificate of Completion (Practical English Course)

“Reallyenglish” platform in cooperation with “Talent Beyond Boundaries Organization” – May 3, 2020

Passing Certificate of (IQ Test) a score of (158.45 / 200)

“VeSenior Acadimy for Training” in Canada in cooperation with “Tokyo Institute for Human Development & Mental Studies” in Japan – Aug 29, 2019

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