Abdulaziz Aljaber

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About Me

Getting a suitable job opportunity, in order to share my experiences and develop them in a professional and useful field.

I am an English trainer, experienced, and professional content writer. I have written many articles on so-called “Royal Content” in both English and Arabic. I have many articles on social media websites like Facebook. I have the experience to translate articles from English to Arabic and vice versa, unpacking them from PDF files and reformatting them.


Bachelor 2020

English Language and Literature

Al Quds College 2016

Civil engineering

Dealing with architectural buildings, studying building materials, and calculating quantities In addition to knowing the types of foundations in buildings. Expert in public safety laws at work and general safety tools at work sites.

Work & Experience

01/01/2021 - 01/15/2021

English Training

Training in some specialized subjects of the English language Through the Zoom program.

Norwegian Refuge Council 01/02/2016 - 01/03/2017

Data Entry

Work on entering data for the organization and downloading the trainees' statements, attendance, and absence.

Oxfam 01/04/2017 - 01/01/2018

Data Entry

Working on entering company data, entering and coordinating payroll statements, and working on counting the data of people working in the company.



Content Writing
English Training
Data Entry




I was honored by Zarqa University for my excellence and obtaining first place in the Department of English Language and Literature with a rate of 93%.


Honored by Luminus Technical University College for my attendance and participation in many researches on sustainable buildings and public safety of buildings and individuals.

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